Wednesday, 27 May 2009


The entire day today was a big technical failure. This might sound a bit confusing; the explanation follows shortly. For those of you who don't know me - i'm a gadget geek; can never have enough of them. And I'm really attached to all those little possessions of mine; as though they were living creatures. I already know that i'm crazy so dont bother reminding me that.

Now let me tell you about my day. It starts with my cellphone alarm not waking me up; battery dead. I was an hour late. So i quickly plugged it in to charge and hurried to jump-start my morning with a coffee.
By the way, breaking a cup, completely tearing up the milk carton and soaking myself in milk are a few of the non-technical blunders i did today; I wouldnt have been surprised if today was Friday 13th!
Finally, pleased with myself at the mess i had made, I had my breakfast. I was done and dressed up in 15 minutes. Locked my room and was gone. I reached the station about 10 minutes earlier. I decided to call a friend while waiting... I had forgotten my cellphone!

The '!' might seem a little melodramatic. Not quite; I have never forgotten my cellphone . I felt panic contacts, my internet, my lecture schedules and even the train connections were all on my cell. My laptop was down too since a few days. I had put it to 'Sleep (mode)' recently and it never woke up again. I have been feeling digitally crippled all week and now this. Anyway I manage to summon all my courage(now getting melodramatic) and decided to go on without my cell.
The usual 37-minute journey to my university suddenly seemed awfully long. I decided to fish out my seldom used MP3-player to kill time. Like I said, seldom used. No battery again. I was having quite a roll. I finally survived the journey and got to uni....and the day of troubles had only begun.

A lecture had been shifted to a new lecture hall and the hall number was saved in my phone. I was pretty impressed at how long the university building was. I luckily spotted my prof and followed him. Then there was this 'interesting' student I had shared a few smokes with...she wanted my number and she asked me to buzz her from my cell. I ended up giving her my number and asking her to give me a missed call on my cellphone so that I have her's. she was impressed by that. I totally dig women! My friend who was supposed to pick my up later in the evening couldnt call me to tell me that she'd be a hour late. Yeah that was fun too.

This day made me realise how important this small, taken-for-granted device really is. I'm one of those people who uses every single function that a cellphone comes with...and a few more that its not meant to be used for. Living without a cellphone/ laptop is really hard for me; I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone on this one.
One of my teachers once said,'Cellphone is the oxygen of modern life. You can't live without it. ' And my provider is O2; the name was wisely chosen.

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Detailed one later.

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what you heard is sweet.
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