Wednesday, 25 April 2007

The very first one...

My very first blog...well not exactly something to be too excited about...but still. I was never too interested in this part of the web. Then one day, one of my friends, a 'self-proclaimed' coolnerd, 'inspired' me to start blogging. Dude if you're reading this're probably smiling now...this blog is dedicate to you ;-)

Somehow today i had been missing my friends real bad. I have been so preoccupied with my life that i havent been able to mail/call them. That is one part of me that i hate...being lazy about keeping contact. Its funny how it works. Without contact even the most deepest of friendships dissolve away. All one needs to save it is a two-line mail...but even that becomes hard somehow. I've seen how 2 people who practically grew up together, who were partners in every joy, sadness and mischief, go different ways at some point in life and then never even see or contact each other again. I never understood that. But now i do.

So folks...every friend that u have,whether a close one or not, is a blessing in diguise. Never take your friends for granted...and tell them once in a while that they mean a lot you. Afterall it really feels good when your friends tell you the same thing :-)

God bless,