Monday, 28 April 2008

The Comeback?

Almost a year back, one of my friends had pretty much convinced me that writing blogs was something really cool and that not many are able to post blogs regularly. It sounded like a challenge and the result was my first blog...and the only one till now.

An entire year has passed by. Unbelivable but true. With that year ends also an era for me. People who dont know me might not know what i may be talking about. Lets just say its something like starting from scratch after one's house burns down in fire, its not that dramatic though in my case.

Its a new year, a new start, new ambitions, new resolutions. Dont know how this year will turn out. Whether this burning urge to amend the old mistakes, to succeed for once, fades away or not...i wonder.

P.S. This pic was taken during this summer near my of the few blossoms after the gray winter...the new beginning ;-)...ya i know, i do tend to exaggerate a bit at times :-)